Revelation of the Statue of the Precursor Francisco de Miranda



                          The Ambassador of Venezuela,
                     Mr. Rodrigo Oswaldo Chaves Samudio



In the frame of the celebration of the arrival 224 years ago to Hellene lands of the first American, in having direct contact with a thousand-year-old civilization on May 16 1786. The act of revelation of the statue of the Precursor Francisco de Miranda in the city of Patras in Hellenic Peloponnese, in honor of the man who spread in all America the republic, integrated and liberty ideas.
The Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in the Hellenic Republic, with the Mayoralty of Patras and a series of institutions like the Foundation Francisco de Miranda and the General Treasury of the Nation of Venezuela, after two years of work of research over the sites that mentions the Predecessor in his diary, during his passing along Hellenic lands, from Dubrovnik and Italy.
This investigation was accompanied by an intense cultural and political exchange with the municipality and its mayor Andreas Fouras, who, through the frame of this relation, visited Venezuela.
With this important fact it closes one of the original circles of the roots of our history of independence and republic, they are unified historical and theoretical criteria of the origin of birth of our republic, our concepts under which was born the process of continental integration and the influence of philosophical thinking, mainly based in the republic and ethical ideal of men such as Plato and Socrates. Also in this process of learning at the age of 36, Miranda, met the ingenious of the Hellenic people and its military abilities and strategies applied by men like Miltiades in Marathon and Themistocles in Salamina.
Miranda arrived in Patras and after a few days continued its travel through the Corinthian golf, passing by Salamina to Athens, where he acquired a house close to the citadel of Acropolis, sole property of the Predecessor in his life in Europe. Currently, is being investigated its exact location. "Today, exists between the city of Patras and Venezuela a great relation that is extended in the whole Hellenic country. A relation that propitiated a series of events in the commemoration of the arrival of Miranda in Hellenic lands. Activities that continued with the participation of Venezuela in the celebration of the 2.500 years since the Battle of Marathon including the fulfillment of a marathon on the 23rd of May for adults and children that had as a motivation, republic and liberty.
The Mayor of Patras Andreas Fouras, on 5/7/2010, expressed his satisfaction of the statue revelation of Francisco de Miranda, making widely known the life and work of the Venezuelan hero. For this reason he organized the design of one of the largest squared of the city with the name Francisco de Miranda, behalf of the Municipality. In turn he talked with great pride for the revelation of this statue of 2.24 meters high and 600 kilograms and made by the Venezuelan artist Nelson Bermudez, "Which will stay as a testimony of the excellent relations between the two countries and for the coming generations to know the first American who visited Hellenic lands"
In the act of revelation were present, besides the governor of the region, other mayors, vicemayors, ex mayors, members of the parliament, municipality counselors and the President of the Municipality, Ambassadors and a wide representation of the Hellenic-Venezuelan Community. Also, they were present on behalf of Venezuela, the General Comptroller of the Republic, Clodosvaldo Russian, the President of the Foundation General Francisco de Miranda Manuel Bazo and Dr. Armando Chirinos, who with a large representation of the people of Patras and of the city of Athens beared witnesses of the act.
The act finished with music and folk Venezuelan and Hellenic dances and the a closure of pyrotechnic games, leaving sowed in Hellenic lands, after 224 years the libertarian, integration, fraternal ideal of the man who in his heart was burning the call for liberty as Napoleon called him or as Bolivar said "The most Universal Colombian". This square remains as a testimony in the legendary Peloponnese, a place of meeting of the hopes of two people to reach a better world of happiness, equality, justice, liberty, fraternity and solidarity.






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